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Dear Outdoor People Peeps

It’s not a big day in most people’s calendars but apparently tomorrow is international hammock day. I don’t know what the official proceedings involve but If nothing else it gives us a good excuse to talk about that most minimal fruit of human invention, the simplest comfiest bed since hay got itchy:

The Humble Hammock.

As part of our own proceedings were offering 15% of everything in our Hammock Collection, just enter the code SwingTing at checkout.

At this point we’d love to cite some good scientific evidence about how lying in a hammock decreases stress or helps prevent back pain but every-time we get round to laying down in the hammock and doing the research we just sort of fall asleep, so you’ll just have to take it from us that kipping in a hammock contributes to a deep sense of well being and peacefulness, and that we should all endeavour to do as much of it as possible.

Hammock Hanging...
However, people often seem to think that hanging a hammock requires a master seaman’s knowledge of knots, but in reality your set up can be as simple as you want: a set of ropes from Ticket to the moon turns any two trees into the perfect pitch without ever having to tie a knot. Or add a ridge-line to hang a lightweight mosquito net from DD to keep out the bugs at night, then hang a Petzl Noctilight from it so you can pretend you’re reading your book when your looking at the stars.  For even more technical hammock camping DD also have a range of tarps to keep you dry and Underblankets to keep you warm.
So to get you started Ticket to the Moon have a pretty good video explaining how to use their straps (which we happen to think are some of the easiest to use) though the jealousy of watching a man hang a hammock between to palm trees on a  beautiful Bali beach is almost too much to bear.


So what kind of hammock is for me?

In the shop we’ve got Hammocks for everything from back yard relaxing to a serious tent alternatives. So here’s a little run through of our recommendations or you can check out the whole collection here

If you’re just looking for a hammock to sling in the garden or park for sunny lounging we recommend the Ticket to the Moon range, made from bright coloured parachute silk, they’re super soft and big enough to get 2 or 3 people in. To add an extra dimension the company also give a portion of their profits to education and water projects in Indonesia where they are made. Ethical and comfy. Nice.

Lightweight adventures...
For the serious lightweight adventurer Grand Trunk’s One Made is hard to beat, a double size hammock that packs down to size of Nalgene water bottle. And tough enough to take whatever the path has in store. Even tinier - but a little less robust - is the DD lightweight range. Kitty just went camping in this in Ibiza. 'Nuff said.

Serious Hammock Camping

For the comfiest, cosiiest nights sleep in a wood in Devon or on the Apalachian trail, DD’s flagship Frontline hammock (also available as a complete camping bundle has a built in mosquito net and a two layer construction that allows you to slip a roll matt underneath you on those cold, cold nights. You can also add underblankets, quilts and I like bringing a pillow too.

Can I come see???
If you’ve got any questions or want a hand learning the ropes do come and see us, on Thursday & Friday we have our hammock stand up so it’s a great time to come and try one of the range out.
Harry, Kitty, Tom & Beth

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