“Like the best bits of (insert high street chain outdoors store) without all the cr*p”

Market Stall Customer


We were lucky enough to have Cath take our two most senior managers through the ‘Managing Managers who Manage Risk’ course.

This was a very comprehensive course which covered context and background in sufficient depth to inform the detail of the programme. The course also covered the legal requirements and links to the Health and Safety at Work Act as well as clearing up some popular myths.

Scenarios were used as an effective way of testing new knowledge and these were well chosen for our field which made them extremely useful.

Cath  led the course at a pace which responded to our needs and allowed us to explore some issues in more depth but move through those that we already grasped.

We were delighted with the presentation and would certainly recommend Cath to anyone.

Managing managers who manage risk is a tricky area but Cath tailors the course very cleverly so you come out really understanding what your responsibilities are….and indeed what they are not.

Juno Hollyhock, Chief Executive, Learning Through Landscapes


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