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How I fell for a buff made of merino…

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How I fell for a buff made of merino…

I never thought I’d ever actively want a Buff, I mean what is the point? I have scarves. And hats. And I thought they weren’t for people like me. But now I’m happy to stand corrected. Turns out there is a big point. And having worn mine constantly for the last two months I now say…

“I love my merino buff!!”

How did this love affair begin? It was a chilly January morning and out of the blue I got an email from a nice lady from Kitshack, an online store selling lots Buffs, asking if I’d like to try a new Buff out in exchange for writing a blog about it. I wasn’t sure, but she said they had lots of new styles and they now came in merino wool… So I had a look through the huge stock list and chose this lovely green colour.

Then I spotted the added extra – dog buffs!!! This is what my hipster Hackney pooch needs in his life. Oh yes.

The two buffs arrived in the post just a few days later. And I got intrigued.

At first I just wore it round my neck. It’s neat and comfy, goes with almost everything I own, weighs nothing and gives that added warmth of a great scarf without the risk of getting caught in my bike brakes.

Then I took a look at one of the many videos of how to use your buff… Que experimenting with it as:

  1. A small beanie under my bike helmet
  2. A headband whilst doing my make up
  3. A wrist band. Not exactly sure why I’d want a wrist band, but it’s on the list!
  4. A longer Wee Willy Winky hat. So cute. Seriously. Just tie off one end. 20 years ago I’d have rocked that all the time!
  5. A face mask – I cycle round East London a lot, the air is not great. And it was cold. This is merino wool, so I can breath through it and it kept my nose warm!
  6. A pan holder. Obviously any material to hand can do this. But that’s the point, it’s to hand.
  7. An eye mask to keep the light out and let me snooze. I can’t see anyone so no one can see me, right??
  8. A sweat band when running. OK I only tried that once but it seemed to work.
  9. My second favourite – an extra headband around my hat making me look a bit like a Cossack and – importantly! – keeping the cold winds away from my ears. I am one of those annoying people that often gets earache if the wind gets in my ears. This I loved.
  10. And of course, a neat, smart scarf. As at home on the way to a work meeting as on a mountain. Love it. 


Multiple washes later and its the same as it ever was. Merino wool. That means it wicks, it doesn’t smell and it keeps its shape.

Definitely not just for out on the hills or the daily commute. I’m currently sat on a BA flight to Vancouver. The air conditioning is fierce. People around me are complaining. I’m afraid I’m feeling slightly smug, warmed to just the right temperature by my buff, and of course my Paramo wind proof smock.

So what about the dog?


Well he’s not so impressed…. But oh he looks cute!! I’ve used a wool buff in the past to keep him warmer when hiking through snow, but I think this really is just for round his neck. He got lots of compliments and it matches his gorgeous dog coat from our friends at Fetch and Follow.

If you’ve found other uses for a Buff do let me know. I hear you can use it for an impromptu coffee/tea/almond milk sieve. But if I’m going to carry real coffee chances are I’ve got my aeropress!! So, for now, I’ll stick to it being a great scarf with benefits.


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